Friday, March 7, 2008

Fair Warning

I'm being controversial this evening. Feel free to look the other way if you choose. After all, this is America!
* * *
I did it. I wore a red shirt on a Friday specifically to "see whatever it is I'd see".

I wear my AF "wings" pin every day; Ssgt. Marunick gave them to me afer I helped with recruiting at V's HS and they're very special to me. I actually feel closer to Avivah when I wear them. Today I added my safety pin flag too. To make a point? To see if people would comment? I'm not certain. It looked good so I wore it.

Add to that, that I saw around 100 people between 10am and 3pm (our store has a HUGE sale going on) and I ran errands after work too so I think it was a decent 'sample'.

Survey says: I felt nothing different today vs. when I wear red shirts (I do it a lot, it's a good color on me) on any other day of the week. I didn't feel as though I was supporting my daughter or our troops. I didn't feel a part of a larger movement or noble statement. No one said anything or looked twice. I was a woman wearing a sweater that may as well have been olive drab.

I'm giving it another week or so and then I'll try doing it again. Maybe it's habit-forming?!
* * *
End controversial post.

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Debbie in NC said...

I've got that SAME flag pin...but have no clue where it is! Your post sadly does not surprise me.

Watching all the election coverage and how the focus has turned to the economy instead of the war in Iraq just flabbergasts me. Uh, hello...stop war there, more money here? Duh?

The percentage of military is far less than percentage of civilians. They just don't get it Lea.

Oh, I could get on soapbox forever!

I hear ya girl!