Sunday, March 9, 2008

Shout Outs! - updated*

First: Two good news shout outs:
AF mom Michelle's son is coming home from Quatar very soon!

AF mom Lyn's son came home from Kuwait! In fact, Lyn's son is safely back in Oklahoma on his base already. That was fast!

*Shout outs to Deb, Mom, Shar, Mark, Lolly & Brenda 1 who all need light and to be returned to good health. I send you a wish for R'fuah Shlema (complete healing).

And to my son, Joshua. Finals are over and he thinks he did pretty well. He has Monday off for records day, but takes the ACT and other grade level testing on Tuesday. Besides, he's a terrific kid. LOVE YOU!

I stole the idea of sending 'shout outs' from my friend and celeb uber-blogger Trent . So HA! There's a shout out to YOU!

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Di said...

Trent! I should tell you about the adventure we had in Manhattan last month. He can't walk down the street without getting stopped!