Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sign of the Times

A photo blog of Joshua and I creating the Airman's Run Sign.

It all starts with measuring the bottom of the suitcase...

With those measurements, we went as large as we thought we could reasonably hold... and still watch V run by! Posterboards cut to be taken apart and reassembled to full size in TX!

Joshua designed the letters using a can of Monster energy drink as his font inspiration. It was pretty remarkable.

Enter the hot pink "V", also designed and drawn by Joshua. (Mom does all the letter cutting and gluing.)

Totally glued, assembled and silver glittered (around the V).


And to top it all off... She called!

"Hey, V! How are you?!"

"I'm GREAT!" and so it went.

She LOVED FTX though it was really hard in many ways. Nothing was said about any physical pain or problems (yay). Her wingman that wasn't getting any mail is loving hearing her name read at mail call. (Thank you, AF MOMS!) She actually thought the Gas Chamber experience was "cool" and said that their group of females did just fine... it was the males that had a few wimp out! LoL

She loved firing the M16, though through her scratched and foggy used chem suit mask she didn't do as well in evals as she wanted. I loved that she then used 'my line': "It is what it is." Yep, true. Always is. :)

As she spoke they were on pins and needles waiting to see who made top AEF (I don't know this one but I'm assuming F=flight).

Nutshell version? Although she has a very intense week coming up, with a lot of classes, tests and her run eval... she's having the time of her life!!!

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