Thursday, March 27, 2008


Taken just after the Coin Ceremony.

More to come. Promise!


Shannyn said...

awww... i feel so proud. lol
tell her i lurv her and miss her when you can

Marta said...

looks like she feels more proud... smug in her funnky hat and glasses (?!) Now i understand why she had a contacts case. its all so clear.

give her a big kiss on the forhead and a hug for me, and say i hope to hear from her soonish.

Nancy said...

oh my god!
I barely recoignize her!!!

I'm so proud of my sissy!!!

drew said...

zOMG, she exists!!! I need to know when she's home so I can make it back before she goes to Cali.

Michelle said...

WOW. I bet you are just to excited for words. She looks awesome. What did you think of those garters they all wear? I never wore them when I was in the Army. we would jsut tuck our shirts in our underwear. LOL

Can't wait to see more photos. Have a great day.

Debbie in NC said...

Whoo hoo! She looks great!! I just left Michelle a post saying I was thinking about you guys and YIPPEE came here and you had a PIC!

Garters? Nope, no garters when I was in either.

Congratulations V!! We are so proud of you :)

Me said...

Tell her MOOCH says "Purrrr, Meeeoowww... and Hmmm??"
W. Mooch is doing well, asks where his family is, and how soon can he christen "V's" uniform with cathair?
Mooch has been getting lots of TLC and scratches, etc.
(Tim - a FedEx box came for you at the house)
V does not look like the same person in the photos you have in the AF M&D list photo album. She looks all grown up & glowing with a different kind of inner beauty.

Very Proud of you V. My daughter Rebecca B. is in dorm B4. Give her a hug for me if you see her.

Tonjia said...

YAAAAY!!! Holy Cow! V looks so different! She is still beautiful and I am just thrilled for her and for you all.

Off to tech school!! WOO HOO!

Di said...

She looks so serious!! Also, Lea, I've been meaning to tell you that the next time you come to DC, if Joshua comes, I would be happy to show him around the station and get him a ridealong! (Thinking of the police cadet program he's in right now).

Michelle said...

What no post since Thursday? Do you think taht hanging with V gives you the right to not talk to us? Well, ok. But I was so looking forward to hearing how graduation went. You should of had Mooch do a guest blog while you were gone. That would have been something. I am thinking of you and your family and hoping that you are having a wonderful time.


Shar said...

Freakin gorgeous. I am so proud of you.