Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Isn't it Ironic?!

Ok, kind of like Alanis' song, the answer is "No, it isn't". This isn't irony either... but it sounds like it is!

You read the end of the blog post yesterday where I said Joshua was taking more of his Finals today??? Well we got whalloped by snow over night (between 6-8" + blowing and drifting) and voila - SNOW DAY!

So now there's no school today and there IS school on Friday when they were supposed to have had it off.

Those parents who had plans to go out of town are probably freaking out. The kids are freaking out because it's Finals week. The Administration's freaking out because they now need to change everything... they're giving the kids MONDAY off now - which will be records day for teachers (as opposed to Friday). And the new Trimester will start a day late. Sheesh!

Me? I have a half acre long driveway to shovel before I can leave for work! Got to be there for 9:30. Heck, I'm off to wake "Snow Day Boy" to help!

Big thanks to AF mom Brenda for the smiling snowman graphic!

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