Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sing it Like You're Preachin'!

This morning brought a short road trip with good friends Gary & Lynne. First we met up with Mark for breakfast at the Something Coney Island, which is oddly akin to the Insert-Name-Here Coney Island (aka: I can't remember what it's called), then we all went over to my favorite shopping and home-idea mecca:

(Which one must SING like the word "Hallelujah!" according to my sister Julie.)

Since finding IKEA Gary and Lynne have become more proficient than I am at navigating the aisles and shortcuts through the "Human Habitrail" designed like a Vegas casino to disorient and get you to lose track of time. It's impressive.
I didn't have much on my shopping list today. I needed 'red label' coffee (I can't pronounce the Swedish name for it to save my life). But ended up replacing my long-lost LemonZester too. Yay!
I got home in time to change clothes and dash to work. Just got home not too long ago.
An IKEA giggle:

Also today, a warm welcome to friend and fellow blogger Di, whom I have been blessed to have known for... wow... is it 10 years now?! eek!


Tonjia said...

OK now I am jealous! We need an IKEA soo badly and we have to drive 250 mi to get to the nearest one! Dont the Swedes like the mountains? I am sure they must, they are in Sweden for crying out loud! Oh well, my loss.

He what is a Lemon thingamajig anyway?
Are you ready to go to Texas?? wahoo! :-)

Anonymous said...


I love LOLcats.
the Ikea cat is one of my favorites.

<3 Nancy

Di said...

Yay, I got a shout out! And yep, I think it's a bit over ten years since the fateful bus ride! I also remember gathering at your home with Joshua, V, and V's Kung Fu instructor shortly after Joshua's diagnosis. What a trying time that was, and let us never forget the amazing gift of LIFE.