Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Getting Ready

I sorted and washed some summer clothes last night and switched over my heavy black handbag to a lighter woven one.

I never realized how impractical and cumbersome a women's wallet is! I have used a purse with an organizer and a inner pocket for cash and change for many years now but this one wasn't set up that way and I really like it so...

After getting everything into a wallet, that I actually own and was able to find, I decided I hated it! Ugh, what a pain! Grabbed this gorgeous leather man's billfold I got at a garage sale to give to Joshua (he prefers his duct tape wallet) and slid everything in. Voila! Accessiblility without more zippers and snaps than a pair of "date pants"!

There's no milk in the house. Today is trash day so that will be done. Mooch will be well cared for. Joshua has new sunglasses. All is set for tomorrow's departure.

Last but not least, I will change my beloved AF Moms and Dads list to "Digest" setting, generating only a couple posts a day (vs - well I won't even tell you how many, it's shocking). They really are the most supportive group imaginable. If your child ever undertakes the dream of serving our country in the Air Force, I cannot possibly recommend them more.

Much love to all the moms and dads, step and adopted too.
I'm taking you all with me tomorrow!


Debra Estep said...

Dear Lea,

Safe and fun travels for you.

When you get to hug your girl, could you do a quickie double hug and it will be from ALL of us AF Moms and Dads too.

Ohhhhh crap I need a kleenex. :)

Tell her we're SO VERY PROUD of her too.


Debbie in NC said...


Yes, you want your arms, hands and body cumbersome free for all those wonderful hugs!!

Please give your Airman a HUGE hug from me too and tell her we are so very proud of her :)

Have a fun, safe, and wonderful trip and take lots of pics, girl!!


Tonjia said...

Lea, please take all of us with you in your heart. Be strong, take tissues and give V a big old hug! Will you have internet access while you are there? If so, keep us posted. OK??

have a safe trip!

Michelle said...

My stomach is doing flip flops for you. What an exciting day for you tomorrow. Wanna know what I did when I got into town on Wed? I drove by the BMT buildings in hopes that I might see her! Take lots of pictures and don't forget my coins (LOL) Have fun and give her a hug from this Air Force Momma!

Remember, you can only hug for like 3 seconds and then you have to step away and then you can go back and hug for another 3 seconds. You can keep doing this for like forever!!!