Monday, March 3, 2008


Avivah Just Called!!!!

Awesome news from her - V's flight passed an inspection and did so well they made HONOR FLIGHT! Because of that they earned long showers, a trip to the mini mall and patio time, which means phone calls.

They'll have another inspection (not sure when) to try to make Honor Flight at Graduation. I have no idea what that means in the scheme of things, but she sounded absolutely delighted with what they've accomplished so far! LOL

Classes are going well. She loved self defense (helps that she was a third degree Green sash in Wushu Kung Fu) and is looking forward to more of that. She still rocks with her M16. She got her official ID card. It's one of the first official things that says AIRMAN on it so she was tickled.

She mentioned that she got to open all of her letters today. She says thank you so much to everyone who's written so far.

Drew, She was THRILLED that you wrote. Do it again!

Trills, you sneaky blessed people. I love you all soooo much. I had no idea you all wrote to her last weekend. Guess what? Yours was the only letter that made her cry. Thank you for touching her heart (and mine) so deeply.

Mom, Deb, Corinne, Debbie and everyone else, she says that the support you've sent means so much to her. She feels the LURVE! :)

She got to talk directly to Joshua for the first time since 2/12 and she thanked him personally for his letter. Gosh, the two of them miss each other so much. It was cool that it was Joshua who got to tell her that we had just made our reservations for graduation. She told him how many days until their reunion. He really got a kick out of her countdown.

She also gave me the name of one of her Wingmen who gets very little mail. You can comment or e-mail me for the information if you'd be so kind as to send a note to this young female trainee.

Avivah and her boyfriend Justin got to hold hands in Chapel today. When they were questioned about it she spoke up saying that this has been her 'partner' for two years now. To her surprise, the TI in Chapel was supportive and let them HUG! Outside of the chapel they aren't really supposed to even talk to each other. Talk about making her day!

She went to the dispensary today to get a "Cold Pack" (Advil, Sudafed and cough drops) because she has fluid in her ear that hurts when she runs. I encouraged her to really keep up with the Sudafed and to stay hydrated. I don't want the Advil to mask an ear infection if she has one. Told her to get it seen ASAP if she feels it getting even a little bit worse.

The most telling part of the conversation was that today in Chapel they did a guided meditation where they were to "go" to a place where they were safe and happy. When it ended they shared a little about "where they were" and why. She said, "Mom, I was right here." I just about cried to hear her this proud of herself and the teamwork of which she's a part. THAT'S the pride in herself I've wanted for her all along.

Of course, it could have been that V was just "high" on having taken a really long hot shower and eating at SUBWAY! No matter - I couldn't be happier for her.

One verrrrrryyyy proud mom, signing off for the night.

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Deb Estep said...

Hey Lea,

Awwww I was tearing up reading your message.
It's awesome to know that everything is going so very good for V. !!!

Sending her ~~~good vibes~~~ as always.
xo xo
Proud AF Mom and AF MIL