Friday, March 21, 2008

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot... or not

Last week the temps here in MI we running in the low 30's. Upon talking with Avivah the last time she said they had three "Black Flag" days in a row - which I believe means that it's over 90 with substantial humidity. Maybe they go by the heat index (?)

No outdoor marching allowed, it's that dangerous to the trainees. Hydration there is paramount, especially when running or doing other PT outdoors. (I'm not sure what they have for indoor PT/drill, she didn't say.) Hydration is a lesson they learn early on at BMT. Even when it's not that hot... it's that physically demanding! V said they are required to have a minimum of three glasses of unsweetened, uncarbonated beverages with every meal. Heck I have enough trouble committing to one glass of water with every meal, but I have and I'm doing it.

Given the temperature difference between here and there, I have started to delve through my summer clothes a little early. What happened to Spring?! It'll be here when I return. Yay.

It's a little disconcerting that I have changed sizes again and may have to look in the storage bins in the garage for things that fit. (up and down... and up :( once more) On the other hand it's motivating too. I'm anxious to be outdoors again, in my garden and walking around the neighborhood. I'm even looking forward to getting back to learning to golf! :)

So - thinking about the sweat box that I know San Antonio can be (been there a handfull of times before) I went looking for the forecast this morning. After all, even the 7-day forecast goes to the time we'll be there now! YAY!

Imagine my surprise to find that it's going to be AMAZING while we're there. Temps from the high 70's to mid 80's. Maybe one day of rain (Charles, can you fix that, please?). Of course, it'll feel warmer to us coming from the fridge, but in reality it will be simply gorgeous.

5 days til we leave... LET THE EXCITEMENT BEGIN!!!

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Debra Estep said...

Hey Lea,

I did not attend Vee's AF BMT graduation and I regret that.

You just have the BEST darn time down there !!!!

xo xo