Thursday, March 13, 2008

J update

A week or so ago Joshua took part in the All City Concert with about 600 other kids in the school district from grades 4-12. I couldn't get all the kids in the shot - and we were sitting in the bleachers! You need a microscope, but J is waaaay on top in a tux, probably next to a pretty girl. The kids all sounded great.

Another night, as a part of the Troy Police Explorers, Joshua and his friend Ryan helped run the annual fundraiser hockey game that pitted the Troy Police Hockey team against the Red Wing Alumni team. This is the RWA line up. I wrote down the last names of the players but most of them meant nothing to me. Sorry!

And this is the color guard in full dress. I was impressed!

The game itself was fun. It was exactly like you'd imagine it'd be to watch a Harlem Globetrotters game! Trick shots, comaraderie, terribly non-kosher plays that cracked us up and they slaughtered the Troy Team 9-2 (or was it 3? It didn't matter, that wasn't the point.)

Ah... da BOYZ, in their official TPE jackets just after the game.

You only Rabbit Ears the ones you love... RIGHT!?

Joshua started his third Trimester yesterday but I worked a double, J worked til 7 and I went to my friend Lorie's for dinner and a much-needed, hour-long hot tub, so I missed seeing him last night. I'll catch him today and check in on how it's going. I know he's really excited to go to TX in... 13 days! :) Me Too!

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Michelle said...

Just think, this time two weeks from now you may actually be able to hug your airman!! Yes, that is right. If things work in your favor she will get base lib on Thursday after the run and coin ceremony. We didn't have such luck. They cancelled the run, coin ceremony and base lib becuase of lightning and storms. I was SOOOOO depressed. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

BTW - Did you get the check?