Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For the insatiably curious (moi!)


Specialty Summary: Services and maintains, or supervises these actions on missiles, unmanned air vehicles (UAV), boosters, payloads, research and development (R&D) systems, environmental blast doors and valves, associated subsystems, components, and support equipment (SE). Launches, tracks, and recovers UAVs. Operates and maintains related equipment. Designs R&D systems. Performs acquisition and activation activities. Related DoD Occupational Subgroup: 163200.

Duties and Responsibilities: Performs missile maintenance actions at flightline, railhead, support base, and launch, launch control, and storage facilities, and insures compliance with international treaties. Inspects, repairs, adjusts, and replaces, or supervises these actions, on components and subcomponents. Mechanically or electrically connects or disconnects reentry systems, guidance and control sections, missile stages, propulsion systems, and secondary ordnance devices at the launch facility. Prepares missile and launch facility for simulated launch and follow-on test and evaluation. Performs preventive maintenance inspections and electrical tests on missiles; missile components; launch and launch control facilities; support vehicles; hydraulic, pneudraulic, and pneumatic systems; and SE. Initiates unsatisfactory reports, failure reports, or proposed modifications. Performs intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) coding activities.

Supervises transportation, assembly, and inspection of booster and payload functions, their subsystems, and SE. Directs and controls activities of contractor personnel during space launch activities. Supervises loading, transportation, unloading, inspection, assembly, and hoisting of boosters, payloads, component parts, and satellites at space launch facilities; preparation of space launch complexes; and erection and mating of booster sections, payloads, and SE. Supervises or performs preventive maintenance inspections. Practices and supervises safety procedures when handling nitrogen, liquid fuels, oxidizers, and ordnance devices. Uses technical publications to evaluate malfunctions, and recommends corrective action.

Performs and evaluates laboratory R&D activities. Assembles, installs, and tests R & D systems such as laser, electromagnetic launcher, energetic materials, propulsion, high powered microwave, satellite, telescope, and pointing and tracking. Maintains and resolves SE problems such as data acquisition, fiber optic, instrumentation, wind tunnel, high and low pressure gas, propellant mixing and molding, and exotic fuel storage systems.


Debbie in NC said...

TODAY IS THE DAY! Whoopee! Have a safe trip and enjoy your wonderful time with V! Take plenty of pictures and give her a big hug from this NC Mom!!

Michelle said...

Off you go into the wild blue yonder!!! Have a safe and fun trip (I know you will).

Tonjia said...

WOO HOO! Its off to Lackland!! YAAAY! I am so happy for you guys and incredibly proud and excited for V. That job sounds hard and scary but I know she can do it. Sending you all love and best wishes for an incredible weekend. And I can hardly wait for pictures!