Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Before I say G'nite

From leaving Detroit Metro Airport on Wednesday, to leaving V at Lackland AFB on Sunday...

The story will be told and pics will be posted. Just not tonight. I'm still tired from the whole experience! Tonight I leave you with one cute pic of a very tired Airman V. Hope you enjoy it!


Tonjia said...

Lea, V looks awesome! And she also looks tired.. has she arrived at Tech school yet?

welcome home! I am so glad you had a safe trip.

Debbie in NC said...


Glad you made it home safely and I know you're exhausted. V does look great...like a different person!

We are all looking forward to hearing about your trip and the photos!

Thanks for taking the time to post so late and blurry-eyed ((Lea))

Michelle said...

Lea, So excited to see the pics and hear the story of your journey. Hope you get some rest yourself.