Thursday, April 24, 2008

+/-, Alphabet soup & a Cage Monkey

With all that good news I suppose there had to be some less-than-good news too, eh?

1) I left one of my favorite sweaters at work yesterday. Got in early today to find that last night, one on my Assistant Managers had... Thrown it out. Seriously. Who does that?! I was so desperate that I even went dumpster diving. It's a clothing store with one dumpster, nothing icky there but cardboard and store trash. But no luck. :(

2) I was SOOOO ticked off about my sweater and having a very frustrating time of it today that I ticked off someone I love. Some days I need to hide in a hole.

3) AF dad, John, has developed Ileus. "A temporary arrest of intestinal peristalsis. It occurs most commonly after abdominal surgery, particularly when the intestines have been manipulated." AKA: His guts hurt and he's terribly nauseus. Yuck! The information I read says that it usually passes in 48-72 hours. I'm hoping for *now* or sooner. Keep the faith John & Hallie. Sending lots of light from Michigan to Maine!

4) I got so frustrated writing about how frustrated I was that I knocked over my open bottle of nail polish. The blog was open while I was on the phone and polishing. I multi-task. Sue me. Or better yet, spill my polish... oh wait... just did that. Well chit then!
So, since there's always a balance this must mean that there's more good news to share. Well there is!

V passed yesterday's Block III test with flying colors! She takes the Block IV test tomorrow morning.
These seem to be going really fast, then I realize that there are at least 13 Blocks in her 13 weeks there at Vandenberg!
Fly V Fly!

And now, for our ABCs and the mystery cage monkey...

You thought you knew your ABCs? HAH! These are military ABCs and you ain't seen nothin' yet!

V had asked about Peggy's son, Corey, who is at Minot (a base at which she may end up). She said: "Is he MMT? FMT? EMT? PMT? MHT?"

My ever-intelligent response was: HUH?? (of course I dashed off a note to Peggy!)

V had also shared that she is a Missle Monkey and a CageGirl... SQWEH??? This is her response:

MMT- Missile Maintenance Technician, Missile Monkeys

FMT- Facilities Maintenance Technician, Janitors

EMT- Electrical Maintenance Technician, Sparkchasers

PMT- Honestly, i don't have a clue who they are.

MHT- Missile Handling Technician, no known nickname.

The nicknames are all in good fun. No one gets 'bent' over them.

But Wait. It gets better... she writes:

Each MMT dispatch team goes with 5 people in it. A Team Chief, two Topsiders, a Cageman, and a Boardman.

Team Chief is the senior Ranking member of the team.

Topsiders are usually the heftier people on the team, the larger ones.

Boardman is the tallest of them all.

And the Cageman is the smallest, lightest, and best memory.

Hence, me.


So there you have it. I am the proudest Cage Monkey's Mom ever!!!


Michelle said...

When I first joined the Army I was a "wire doggie". Tactical Wireman Operations Specialist (36K). We were the ones who had to crawl through the mud and the muck, over hills, and under things in order to lay the field wire that connected the radios to the switchboard. Then we would man the switchboard. They don't have wire doggies anymore.

Congrats to V and way to go Monkey Mom.

Lea said...

Monkeys, Doggies... are we running an air force or a ZOO?! LoL

I'm sure you were an awesome wire doggie, Michelle.