Monday, April 28, 2008

Bits, buds, pups and flops

And now, for something completely different...
Some post-Passover levity!

(Thanks for the link Gayle. Don't forget to turn off the playlist sound first!)

Hope you enjoyed that. It had me cracking up... Exfoliate?!

In other happenings...
I spent some time out in the garden before heading to work on Sunday.
This prolific little patch of pink lilly of the valleys and fern started from 5 lilly pips and 4 fern plants. Only 3 years later they look like this...

There are now more than 50 lilly of the valley and about 20 fern!

Which reminds me of a song my mom used to sing in the car. (Yes, we all sing. Singing in the car is almost as good as singing around a bonfire!) I was reminded of this song because Patty of my Chant Group (Women With Wings West) suggested a song for spring and started this one! Shades of many happy miles came flooding back to my memory.

White coral bells upon a slender stalk

Lillies of the valley deck my garden walk

Oh how I wish that I could hear them ring.

That will happen only when the angels/fairies sing!

*Sigh - smiling*

Around the side of the house by the garage are some paper whites (narcissus) which I harvested for a tall thin vase.

And in the back garden there are some rather spectacular white and salmon colored, double ruffle jonquils (daffodils). I cut some for another vase.


News from Avivah. Saturday found her in Lompoc at a local fair with a few of her wingmen, some of whom were working at the fair as community outreach. She played a game (a Dart game, ironicly enough - she hates playing darts) and won! Her dorm room now has a puppy named Beethoven. Here's his headshot. Looks cute and cuddly, yes?

Here he is across her bed... BIG PUPPY!!! LOL


Saturday I took Joshua with me to the mall to get a couple things for which V had asked. While there we had a discussion about him 'gauging' his ear pierce. He wants to work down to a 14. Not that big a deal. I think I shocked him when I bought him a 16 and a 14 gauge split hoop and helped him put the 16 in. You never know what you can do 'til you ask, right!?

He also got a new pair of flip flops. This is the kid who managed to lose ONE flip flop in San Antonio. I've often marveled at people who lose one shoe. I mean, how does that happen? and Hmmmm, was it the flip or the flop?? Anyways, on the new ones, the bottoms around the sole look like Converse All-Stars! They're very cool.

Speaking of flip flops... I have a warning for everyone that was passed along by my friend Vicki. Do NOT buy cheap WalMart flipflops!! The link is from snopes and is not for the squeamish. WalMart flip flops. Just don't do it ~ Please.

As for me: I have decided to try a new product that came out on the US market last summer I think. They're called FitFlops and are supposed to work the muscles in your legs and tush, building core strength as you walk and go about your daily business. Sounds good to me (even though I can't wear them to work).

I ordered my pair (in red like the pic) from BathandBodyWorks . Once they arrive I'll start wearing them for an hour each day. I'll keep you posted on this grand experiment as it goes along.

Last of today's tidbits is a picture I received attached to an e-mail from Tim. This is Avivah's friend and ~ as of last weekend ~ new Airman, Travis P. Congrats!


Please don't forget that your love and light is still needed by AF dad John and his family as he recovers from major abdominal surgery. Your prayers and positive energy are also needed by Sharon G., AF Mom Corinne, AF Mom Michelle (PA), AF Mom Lolly, her son Tommie (deployed) and many others.

I hope it's a good day for you.


Di said...

Were the "fitflops" expensive??

Lea said...

List price through Bath and Body Works is $49.99/pr.

I had a $10 off (with purchase of $30 or more) coupon so they were $39.99 + tax and shipping. Final cost: $48.91.

IF they do what they advertise they will then, although I saved to buy them, I don't consider them out of line with the price point.

IF they end up being nothing more than thick flip flops then yes! ... And I'll be returning them.

BlueBella said...

Thanks for the visit Lea! And I love your pics! Flowers are so beautiful and even better when you grow them yourself. See you soon :)

Tonjia said...

I LOVE the video!! What a display of talent.
Congrats on winning the puppy V, it sounds like she is doing great.

and the flowers are georgeous.