Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Both kids! LoL

She promised me she'd do it, but I doubted. Nope! V called yesterday evening just as happy as can be. She was walking down the street at Vandenberg ~ talking on her phone ~ in her civvies! LoL

She's officially a Phase 2 at Tech School. Yay! This means she can carry her phone (but still cannot use it during the duty day), wear civilian clothes outside of her dorm and personalize her dorm room.

I have a box all set to go tomorrow that has her wolf blanket, the chenille throw Aunt Karen gave her, her specially painted box from Nancy, some jewelry and other random pieces.

If there's something you really want to send her for her room (no candles, lighters, incense or open flame of any kind allowed) then send away!

She also had her first Block Test for block 1 yesterday. Though she's had progress checks all along (about 10 per week at an average of 99.9%) this one carries more weight. She and most of her class (with a couple exceptions) got a 95%! The one question they all missed wasn't in their training materials or notes. She's going to ask to be taught that today.

Pretty cool, eh?

Also yesterday, I had asked Joshua to rake and bag the leaves just from the patio.

After school he helped his best friend Tyler put his room back together after having been painted. He went to visit his gf. He went to the gym. That's a heck of a lot of plans when you don't start til after 3pm, but he still had to be in for the night by 10pm.

I didn't hear a peep from him all evening. Then...

At 9:25... in the dark... here comes a crew of teenagers!!! They had it raked, bagged and at the curb in 30 minutes and they were gone.

Not what I had expected but way to go, Joshua!


Debbie in NC said...

How did you post twice and I missed it? There must be something in the air...I woke up from nap and David had washed dishes and was weed eating the creek! Wow!

Hey...did V put down her bases yet? Just wondered what order? :)

Congrats to her on outstanding progress in Tech School! Oh, those block tests brought back memories!

Lea said...

Two posts... I'm sneaky! :)

I'm assuming that V put her bases down, yes. She hasn't told me what ended up happening wiht it yet.

I'm told they may have their assignments as soon as a week from now, though this is the AF and I'm not holding my breath. She still has 10+ weeks of Tech.

Avivah said...

I actally can have candles and things like that, as long as I'm in the room adn I lock them in teh cupboard when I leave the room....I aught to know, I have a Yankee candle on my nightstand! lol

Lea said...

Well yeah I guess you should know! LOL I stand corrected.

Anonymous said...

oh yay!!!
it makes me so happy that v loves that box.
i'm making new ones this summer =)

<3 Nancy