Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Show her da Love!

I spoke to V last night at length via e-mail exchange (her phone craps out more often than not) and she shared that she's feeling homesick for her home, her family and her friends. Nightmares, worries, just a head full of "what ifs" that are wearing on her mind and making school and focusing even more difficult. And she needs to focus on school and relaxing after studying! She should be able to have fun and blow off some steam when she's able ~ despite the stresses of Tech School and the other demands on her time.

She needs to have faith and confidence in her path, yet right now she feels doubt and worry. She needs to feel loved and supported in her goals.

I, of course, am worried about her.

Knowing my daughter as I do, I know that a big steak dinner, a good laugh, a good cry, huge hugs and a full night's sleep would work wonders!! :)

Barring that... a show of love and support would certainly help. To that end I am finally posting her name and address in a permanent spot on this blog. Keep it clean and use it for only positive messages, please. Abuses can only do her tremendous harm.

If there's anything you're inclined to say or to send to let her know she is supported and cherished, especially over this next 8 or 9 weeks of Tech School, won't you please? Just a card to let her know that you're FINE and that she needn't worry would be great. Even if she doesn't know you!

If you want to send something and need more ideas:
Music is life to her, so CDs are perfect. Heck - she likes so many different styles - make her a mix disc (mix-tape?!)!
Photos are always welcome.
Beef Jerky. She loves it and is missing red meat something awful.
Silly things! (somehow a Slinky comes to mind!)
Draw her a fun picture (C'mon Marta, Nancy, Tillie & Hannah!)
Chicken Noodle soup (healthy please, not Campbell's red label)
Peanut Butter and Saltines - a favorite snack

If you send a simple postcard to let her know that she's loved and supported, then you have blessed her day beyond words.
And for that I thank you deeply.


Debbie in NC said...

First thought is I'm going to die early from eating Campbell's soup with red label LOL...what's wrong with it?

V will be fine. She's just going thru a huge adjustment. When I get my head on straight here, I'll drop her a line.

I do have one question and it doesn't apply only to V. Why did she go in the Air Force and to V...why didn't she get a guaranteed job? Just wondering :)

Lea said...

OK - my take on C'sRL.
Very high sodium and very low anything else.
Adding a can of water makes more volume than she can eat/store.
Almost no chicken.
Mushy noodles.

I'd rather buy healthy style Progresso. :)

Sending V mail? Mucho appreciation!

As for the q's you'll have to ask V:

Avivah said...

I needed to get out.

There's no opportunities for a highschooler with less then stellar grades and little or no income, in Michigan. There's no work, and without pay, I can't get into school. Without school you can't make money. Without money, you can't get a car, or gas. Without the car and gas, you can't get a job to pay for school.

It's a neverending cycle that I think is why so many graduates are leaving the state or dropping out, or like me, finding another way out.

As to the job, I didn't want to do this job, I wanted to Crew chief the F-22s at Luke AFB, AZ. But that's a competitive job AFSC, and so I had to go in as an Open Mech. I'm too good to tdo that, so they put me here, where I'm better use to them, I guess...