Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Passover Prep

So I get a request, as I am the family charoset maker, from my sister Julie. She said, "Make the YUMMY charoset this time!"

YUMMY one???

I make the traditional one and one unusual one every year. How am I supposed to remember which one that is? So I call my sister. Turns out it's the one with dates, apricots and ginger. Ok.

On a whim, I ask Avivah via text message (pop-quiz time!)...

Me: OMG funniest thing ever. Aunt Julie wants me to make the "YUMMY" charoset this year. Which one is THAT?!

V: The Apricot one!
Me: How the hell did you know that???
V: Mind control?


And so it goes.

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