Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Clothes

I don't do this often - try next to never - but with some financial help from Tim and a once-in-a-blue-moon discount at work, I have updated my spring/summer wardrobe! Yay!

I'm a bargain hunter par excellence, enjoying browsing through Salvation Army, Value World, Council Thrift and any number of gently used, pennies on the dollar stores, but this was a sale not to be missed (55% off). I got NEW clothes! Not just one or two items, not irregulars, seconds or past-season clearance deals, but carefully chosen new-new.

I was working with a customer yesterday who hated her body (trust me, she was no where near as bad as she made herself out to be) but in the right colors and with a little fun, I found her three great outfits that she was in tears over. This lovely woman then confided in me that she hasn't ventured out to buy herself anything nice looking in maybe 10 years. Ok, I was near tears too. She was so sweet and so appreciative. It really touched me that I'd made a difference in how she perceived herself. Really, it's about wearing the right things and how you carry yourself in it! Large or small it's about who you project yourself to be.

And although I know you're not ever going to read this: Marcia, You're going to look great and FEEL great at your daughter's law school graduation next month! I know she'll be thrilled to see her mom and after the hugs she'll be dazzled at how good mom looks in her new outfits! (No black!) It was a tremendous pleasure helping you.

So now I have crops and capris with a couple tops to interchange, along with some things I already have that will work. Everything is fine for warm weather, for work or going out, for day and for evening. No jeans or 'frumpy stuff'!

It kinds feels like school shopping did back when I was in elementary school. I'm practically giddy!


Michelle said...

Or wear to a wedding! Can you come to Florida and help me find clothes to wear to my goddaughters wedding? I found Christopher and Banks a couple of years ago and that is about the only place I buy clothes now. My husband says they are like geranimals in that you can mix and match them. I was so used to wearing uniforms in the Army that after I retired I would find a shirt or pants that I liked and then get them in every color. I was still wearing a "uniform". No so much anymore. Although I will have to adjust my wardrobe for Florida vs Washington. I thought about capris. I thought they made my calves look bigger.

Lea said...

Your goddaughter? How wonderful! That's a special role in her life and you want to look just as special for her big day. Fly me down. I'd love to shop with you!

Break out of the C&B preppy box... try Nordstrom's, Neiman Marcus or Lord & Taylor for dressy clothes.

Capris are ok but if you're self conscious or want to mask large calves, try crops instead.

Debbie in NC said...

Sitting here feeling frumpy and ya'll are talking new clothes! I'm a Goodwill Girl too LOL.

I need to splurge and buy a few new things too. Not for a special occasion like a Goddaughter's wedding which I love to come help Michelle for too...but because I literally have worn things to shreds!

Can't afford those places Lea!

Lea said...

I'm a dyed-in-the-wool sale rack shopper myself, Debbie. I understand - and I can't do retail prices much either!

My favorite 'find' is an artsy piece. A Jacket or something that says it was handmade and crafted to be wearable art... for a few bucks!

I mention those places (Nord, NM, L&T) because their markdowns are pretty substantial. When they want to clear things out, they mean OUT Quickly!

Especially L&T, who also publishes coupons that you can use in conjunction with their sale prices for the very best deals.

No deal yet? Try TJ Maxx! It takes as much patience as Goodwill, but when you find that treasure piece for your wardrobe, it's worth it. Plus TJM has things for the kitchen/bath/bed and living rooms at discounts too. That's always fun to browse.