Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wait 10 minutes, it'll change & new-new

Yesterday it was kinda chilly and on/off rainy.

This morning it is snowing sideways.

Temps in the mid 60's by Thursday.

Ah, Michigan.

Guess I'll have to wait just a little bit longer to break out my new duds.

I'm bring the baby red maple tree into the garage when I leave for work in a little while. Still haven't decided where it's going to set its roots but it sure isn't going to do it today! Brrrr!

I was looking back at yesterday's post and seeing that I used the phrase "new-new". To explain: It's not just something new to me, like getting a used car, but newly created or brand new.

When I was younger we said "back-back" or "the way-back" to indicate not the back seat of the car, but the area in a station wagon or hatchback where we were able to ride or put things.

Cars with trunks don't have back-backs. My PT Cruiser does! :)

Funny how doubling a word makes it mean something different. Maybe it's a family thing?!


Debbie in NC said...

Ahhh...NC. Yes, Friday almost 80 degrees and tm a chance of snow flurries. Never know what to put on. I hope cold doesn't hurt everything blooming...darn it.

Work...Sunday??? Oh my...well enjoy day after work :)

Lea said...

I work retail, so it can be any day at any time.

Sux, but that's the reality.

I'm back and now off to another meeting and later a dinner with friends... WHOOSH!!!

Tonjia said...

no no girlfriend, I double words too!! Maybe its a generation thing? LOLOL who knows. I totally understood you!

Take care of that baby tree!