Thursday, April 3, 2008

Umm, wow

I HAVE to digress, or progress, to some news.
This is V's new Group and Training Squadron...

381st Training Group/532nd TRS

Provide quality training to produce the finest space and missile operators and maintainers for our Air Force and our nation's defense.
The nation's premier training team, graduating the world's finest space and missile operators and maintainers.

The 532nd TRS provides courses for ICBM, ALCM/ACM, and space lift maintenance.
So where, after only a day of being there, does it say that you get to be a part of the Launch Team for April 1st's Minuteman III missle launch??? Well I just found out SHE WAS!

Go to ; Latest Vandenberg videos; Minuteman III Launch - and you can see the launch video.

I'm astounded, flabberghasted, amazed... and proud.

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