Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday (a week ago)

Saturday morning and back at Lackland AFB for 0900. V, and all grads, have a Town Pass until 1930. She greeted us by handing us a big white envelope which contained...
Gorgeous, eh?!
V had to pick up the flight t-shirts she'd ordered and we wanted to do a little souvenier shopping on base so we headed to the mini mall. I bought 2 Lackland coins and a squadron coin for AF mom Michelle (Mailing those soon, promise!). I got V her squadron coin and a BMT coin and got myself a couple t-shirts. I tried to get a coin display box with her grad info engraved on it (future gift) but was told that they didn't fit some of the oversized coins. Rats. J got an Under Armor shirt with V's sqadron logo on it. Looks spiffy on him!

My mom... well she found a kiosk with these cool engraved necklaces and ordered me one as an early Mother's Day present! We didn't pick it up until Sunday, but I can't resist showing y'alls now. ("y'alls" is a new V-word)

This is side 1:The bottom has her name and grad date.
And this... is side V! I love it. Thanks again, Mom!
Errands now done we sat down to figure out what we, well mostly V, wanted to do with our day. As exhausted as she was, she chose going to the Riverwalk in San Antonio.

Exhausted: On top of the excitement of graduating, her family being there, the regular stresses of BMT and packing her things up for parts unknown, V was also pulled every night for the past two weeks straight to do a two hour EC (entry control) shift! How she kept up her health is beyond me.

Once by the Alamo everyone wanted to browse the shops on Alamo Plaza. We made our way to Riverwalk Mall and browsed some more and then made our way down to the river - right from the mall.
Again, here is my very tired Airman on the riverwalk.

I treated the five of us to the scenic boat tour of the river. The guide was funny and the sights were pretty. It was relaxing, so it was perfect.

Next was lunch at Casa Rio where as soon as we sat down ~ Mariachis came to serenade us!! This is V doing her own version of "Ay yai yai yai", which I think went more like: "Oy vey vey vey!"

And then she tried her best to ignore them. LOL Silly girl.

Kinda tough when a trumpet, 2 guitars and 3 singers are blaring right behind you ~ INDOORS!

After an excellent lunch we walked around on the river. I got V a pair of sunglasses and we had fun wandering the oh-so-tacky souvenier shops.

V craved ice cream and Grandma obliged...

Soon it was time to make our way back to the hotel for some relaxing, and V also need to "square away" her civvie bag. We were chattering away in the van and suddenly, mid-sentence, V was silent. This is what I saw when I turned to look...

Poor Baby! The rest of us silently cracked up.

I realize now that I have gotten my days confused already and it's today that was the day of PT and pool. (Yep, as tired as she was.) Instead of editing the posts, I'll admit that my CRS disease kicked in.

Friday afternoon we just chilled in the room because V wanted to do a whole lotta nothin'... with her hair freshly washed and down, her bathrobe on and her stuffed panda bear in her arms.

THIS however is the goodbye hug on Saturday... (I know because V's civvie bag is on the table!)

And off she goes for the night, mostly to stay up late to clean and pack.


Debbie in NC said... the pic of V just flat passing out! Poor baby :(

You are really going to cherish the Mother's Day gift...that is gorgeous. Well, you'll cherish know what I mean!

How many times can I say GREAT job!

WOW V we are so proud of you!!

Avivah said...

I fell asleep?! *looks confused* I honestly have no memory of that...or waking up for that matter...

Shar said...

V! You're posting! Ok, happy dancing like crazy over here in DC :)

Lea said...


It was typically-V cute though, so no worries! ;)


Anonymous said...

I love the pics and especially the one of V asleep!! That looks really familiar!! Every time we got in the truck and ventured out, Jerry Wayne was out like a light. I think it is because they finally feel secure being with their family and are so completely wiped out. Nonetheless, I have several of those pics and I am enjoying your journey immensely!!