Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fresh Air, Info and Laughs

I spent all morning on Tuesday (before work) outside cleaning out gardens, picking up some of the fallen maple branches from the front yard and piling them up, raking the leaves that hand't made mulch of themselves yet off of the garden spaces. It felt GREAT to be outdoors working again!

Lookie what I found... FLOWERS!!

As I made my way to the gardens around the front of the house I was met by Mr. Mooch in the window. He chittered and talked to me, though I'm sure I was getting a lecture about how awful I was by not letting him out to chase the birds and squirrels he loves to watch (aka: stalk!).

Yesterday I got a text message from V that let me know just how well she knows her ol' mom here. It said: "Need the research Goddess. Help!"

Well Ok! :)

I asked 'what for' and she explained that she has to rank her next base assignment (request) in preference order. Her "Dream Sheet" is due on Monday. Despite the presentations they were given on their options, she suspected there was much more to know, so she turned to her mom. (Insert "awwwwww!" here)

Hey, I raised my kids to believe that knowledge is power. Unfortunately, they still think that MOM's knowledge is their power. LOL Of course, you can tell how upset about it I was, right? ;)

Her base choices are fairly slim (3) given her job but I did a bunch of research and e-mailed her a dozen times with it all. I also reached out to my AF list and one very special, uber-connected contact that I have (Hi Stef!) but you, Dear Reader, are welcome to help too! If you have any info on Minot, FE Warren or Malmstrom AFBs and the surrounding areas, please share!

She also had a couple weird muscle things happen that she wanted to share and we talked a bit about that and I sent her info on those concerns too. (Di, she may call you. One is running related.)

Later in the evening she and I had a chance to talk and I reminded her that she owed me a picture of her with her newest coin. ~ If you read V's blog you already know that she was the first in her class to "coin"! ~ She whined that she looked terrible, they'd just come back from a very windy PT and she didn't want me to blog anything that awful looking of her. Qui? Moi?!

So instead I give you the pics she sent of the work detail she and two of her Wingmen had recently. They had to clear the shelves in a Child Development Center in order for the shelves to be relocated (the building is being demolished and the CDC is moving else-base).

You let three young adults loose with a room full of little kid toys and this is what happens...

Dog puppets eat Weebles while Airmen Stand idly by and giggle...

Look out, Airman driving! (Speaking of which, remind me to tell you about the 32' big rig she's learning to drive. Seriously.)

Can you see the headlines?

Airman Posessed by Demon Power Ranger!

So there you go, V. I did NOT post a windblown, tired looking pic of you with your new coin!


Debbie in NC said...

Three choices huh? I've never been to any of those bases, but thank goodness for the Internet! LOL

All northern tier...I'm sure she'll get "advice" from VAFB guys too. I personally shudder at the thought of Minot...

Great pics and I don't remember FUN details like that :)

Michelle said...
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