Friday, April 11, 2008

Whadda YOU wanna do??

It occurred to me that in V's search for information on the three bases and surrounding communities she has to rank, lies the question... What does she LIKE to do? And... What does she WANT to do?! Does she even know? I mean, how can you know what you don't yet know?!

Is snowmobiling FUN? I don't know.
Skiing? Dunno
Surfing? Dunno
Rapelling? Dunno

There are so many things I've never tried, or to which I was never exposed, that I'm not sure if I'd like them or not. How can it be any different for V, or anyone?

Joshua knows that he like a lot of things (Zip lines, ropes courses, luging, snow boarding and more) because he's been exposed to them and was willing and interested in trying.

I know there are some things that I really enjoy and would look for opportunities to do wherever I was - camping, tending my garden, singing, attending concerts, walking, shooting - but I never KNEW I harbored a yearning to learn to golf. I DO! What made the difference to me? Someone exposed me to it and I was willing to give it a try.

Therein lies the key.

My gut instinct is that V is willing to try many things and will find that she enjoys a lot of them too. Of course she may hate them, but she'd try most things once before deciding that.

I know from personal experience (4 years on a Reservation, living in 1/2 a double-wide trailer and other experiences,) that *I* can make the best of anything I'm dealt. I can immerse myself in something completely different from that which I am familiar and enjoy it. It was a good lesson.

But V? Can she be happy wherever she's plunked? Will she let herself find and try new things to do that she enjoys (or won't try again)? She'll find out! I think she is excited to have the opportunities and experiences that being somewhere completely new will bring. Besides, with the AF, like it or not, there will soon come a time for change to a new base as she learns and grows and goes where she is needed.


Tonjia said...

I think V will do just fine, she seems like the type of girl who will make the best of whatever she is given.

I wish she had more exotic locations to choose from though...

I was born in Montana, and except for the northwestern part where I was born its pretty flat and boring. Same with Wyoming, there are some beautiful areas (Jackson Hole) but the majority of WY is flat and windy.

Anyway, I am anxious to hear all about her adventures. How long is her tech school?

Marta said...

no worries, she LOVES where she is and is having a hella good time. went bowling yesterfay in fact and is right by the beach...