Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Golf lesson

YeeeHawww! Today was the first time back on a driving range since the cold weather settled in. It felt a little silly, starting all over again after having forgotten anything I had started to learn last season. After a while it felt a little more familiar and overall it was a good time.

Best part was that Joshua came with for the first time! :)
Worst part was that Joshua is a golf NATURAL. Sheesh!

Kid's never had a hand on a real golf club - ever - and he caught on as fast as a California wildfire!

Put it this way... My first lesson (May 6 of last year) I used a 7 iron. That's it - just one club. It took me weeks of practice to move to a 5 and a putter and slowly begin to try the other clubs. Heck, I've yet to try several of my own clubs.

Joshua gets a 5 minute quickie on holding a club, how to stand and swing and he smacks it... 75 yards, dead on. No slice, no hook, nothin'. Three clubs later he's still doing well!

Yes, he had a few 'practice swings" and a few "practice shots", but all in all... fantastic! He's an absolute natural.

Me? I'm geeked. His comment later at home? A very calm, "That was fun."

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Debbie in NC said...

AF let me off work to take free golf lessons WAY back in late 80's. How cool is that..there are a few benefits! I loved it, but pulled something and haven't been back at it.

Now, my boy is also a natural, as is his Dad. He's been playing a lot recently and yesterday evening was outside cleaning his clubs like they were small children! After that he headed out fishing!

Isn't Spring wonderful!