Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Good News Fairy

1) Joshua's caught up in all his classes and is out celebrating a stunning sun-shiny afternoon then off to the gym. I'm heading back outdoors in a sec myself. Time to plant the Morning Glories! (a pic from last year's garden)
2) AF dad John is very much in love with his new mistress, "Ms. Epidural" the pain pump. He's doing well so far, but taking it day by day. Thank you all for sending whatever positive energy you did.

3) Got an e-mail from Avivah this morning that had one particularly faboo line in it (among others): "I'm doing well in class, top in my class actually." Hot Damn!!

Speaking of "hot"... (Not that it compares in good newsness to #2 or 3)

We've been struggling and roasting at work with a heating/cooling system that just doesn't keep the store livable for us or our customers. Put it this way - we've all been in sleeveless tops since the first spring day it hit 60. So today we took the bull by the horns... We propped open the DOOR! LOL It helped a lot.

So in short... it's all good!

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