Friday, April 4, 2008

Back to Friday

After Graduation Parade, Flight 324 had to gather for a special picture to be taken because they'd made AEF Excellence (Honor flight for Field Week). We watched as the Airmen arrived, lined up and had their picture taken.

The flight had to think of a slogan to put on the bottom of the picture. What did they come up with? Get this: "Pain is no obstacle. Give Me More!" Yep, it's really there on the pic. LoL They got in order and posed, pic snapped and we were on our way to the shuttle busses with our Airman to go back to the BMT Center and to Open House.

This is us on her flight pad in front of the Knights Emblems. Ignore that both parents had puffy eyes and tear-streaked splotchy faces. They were happy tears, really. That red thing behind J is something they use to clean their M16s.
Yes Karen and Nancy, this is Avivah AND her clean locker...

AND her neatly lined-up shoes...

AND her perfectly folded drawer.

Really Truly.

She gave T and I an official AF Parent Pin and a government (form) letter of thanks. (What did I do?!)

A few more details got wrapped up for our time together and we were on our way to picnic in the lovely little park we'd seen the day before, just across the street from the BX. If you know V you know this was a happy little grin, so I'm thinking: "Be afwaid, be vewy afwaid!"

Once at the picnic grounds, I think V finally kinda relaxed a little. We all did.

Out came, errr, ummmm... lunch. This was V's show to run, remember?! So we all went with it ~ and had a darned good time too! To protect the innocent ~ and the incurably clumsy ~ this is the only picture I'll show of the experience. Suffice to say we all had a lot of fun and V was tickled that we did.

After lunch we'd promised her that we could stop back at the Parade Grounds to get pictures of her with her "baby", the SR-71 Blackbird. If this plane wasn't already decomissioned, I'm positive she would have waited for a guaranteed AF job of working on it! It's a beauty.

V and the Blackbird. Cuts a striking figure, doesn't it?

Just in case you doubted that this little jaunt didn't make her insanely happy... I give you the most adorable pic of her we took there. :)

After that it was off to our hotel for a swim and some hanging out time. (I thought it was too chilly, but the kids? Oh no, mom.) This is V beginning the process of taking her hair down...

9 minutes, 15 bobby pins and two hair bands later it still didn't move much!

Into PT gear for a brief workout (very brief. The equipment at the hotel was shoddy.)

Then it was off to the pool... which by the way, proved to be too cold! :-P

The parents weren't hungry and V wanted to shower, wash her hair and relax in civvies a little longer, so J and V enjoyed a pizza in the room. We gabbed and tossed around ideas for Saturday's Town Pass. No decisions were made, which was fine with me.

Soon it was time to bid V good eve. I didn't take a pic of that. I'm already tired of goodbyes.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I love seeing all these pics. It's like reliving our experience with CJ all over!!

Hallie :)

Debbie in NC said... are really taking us thru it all girl! I love it! Awesome photos capturing perfect moments.

AF has really come a long way in bringing the parents in to the whole experience. I had none of this!!

Again...GREAT post!