Monday, April 7, 2008

Two calls

Talked with V yesterday...
It seems one of the other females in her group was going through a break-up and V was asked to help. Now, my girl has the most interesting of skills in interpersonal relationships so they really called the right person and it was good that it was another female. So far so good right?

I guess the problem arose when a select few males took the opportunity to get protective and possessive over "their turf". I'd call it "posturing for position". Oh, silly little men.

Little known to these unsuspecting males, that does NOT sit well with my daughter! She has a bf and is enjoying her independence and this experience while maintaining her relationship.

I think what she told me she said upon perceiving these feelings of "ownership" or being told she was part of someone's "turf" was, "So, do you have a receipt?! Do you see a collar on me?! No, I thougt not, so... BACK OFF!" Wow, was she irritated. On the other hand, I think she handled herself with aplomb!

Talked to V later yesterday evening...
She was hanging out with a bunch of new friends and they'd ordered pizza and were going to watch a movie. She was giggling and sounded great.

She may be a USAF Airman, but she's still my girl, still moody and still as awesome as ever. Here's a pic of her in civvies... You gotta notice the dress blues tan (that was a burn last weekend)! Cracked me right up.

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Debbie in NC said...

Ah...the normal drama of life resumes LOL

Making friends, having fun and enjoying life! That's GOOD!

Aren't you enjoying talking to her daily? Much better!