Thursday, April 17, 2008

And now, the rest of the story

Remember back to my post of March 16 (here) when I told you a funny story?

Well that was a little more than 6.5 weeks ago.

Today Ryan, Rebecca and Russell too, will come over Hydration Hill in the Airman's Run. They will stand in the Coin Ceremony and become Airmen. They will get to see their families and hug them for the first time in 6.5 weeks. Tomorrow they will officially graduate BMT.

I have a lump in my throat just remembering what was only a few short weeks ago for me too. It's an incredible experience.
Jackie and Ken, Cheryl, Tammy, Gary and Vanna...
Enjoy every second, AF Moms and Dads! I'm right there with you.
Yesterday evening I got a phone call. It's Jackie, Ryan's mom. I ask, "Are you guys all set?" Not knowing their flight times and that San Antonio is an hour earlier than us here in MI. Turns out they were already all snug as bugs in their hotel.

For some reason the hotel's internet connection wasn't working in order for them to ask the group and *I* got chosen to be the one to whom a question was posed. YAY! I was so tickled to help you have no idea.

Directions were given to the easiest gate to Lackland AFB to access the BMT Reception Center. After they get a base map they can do what they please, but there's a simple way and a less-simple way for the first time.

I could feel their excitement not only for Ryan, but they will get a chance to see another Airman (Ryan R.) who has been at Lackland for his Tech. School for way too long. (His mom, Judy, is on our list.) This Ryan's been ill so he's sort of "on hold" which I know is terribly frustrating. Jackie and Ken have gotten permission and made arrangements to take Ryan R. off base for a short while! I can't imagine how excited they all are, or how appreciative Judy must be right now, knowing that her son will be with a loving AF family for a day.

Last but not least for today is a BIG Birthday Shout Out to Ken O. (Jackie's husband, Ryan's dad) who will have the blessing of celebrating his day with his new Airman.

Happy Big Birthday, Ken!


Michelle said...

That is so awesome about Ryan. We have a great of parents on this list. Just makes my heart swell.

Debbie in NC said...

This is great...I'm so happy for Ryan AND Judy!

Happy B'Day Ken!

You know that group is fit to be tied right now!!